Alpha Aluminum frames are 100% recyclable and all waste
generated in the manufacturing process is recovered, and re-
enters the recycling chain. Like few other materials, aluminum
can be recycled over and over again, plus, its significant
scrap value keeps it diverted from the waste stream, making it
a truly “green” product. Recycling aluminum takes only
1/20th of the energy required to produce it, reducing
greenhouse gas emissions.

Our raw materials are extruded from billet that is composed of
at least 75% recycled aluminum, making it
LEED compliant
as well, containing, at the minimum:

  • 50% Pre-Consumer Material (PCM)
  • 25% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)

Alpha Aluminum frames also qualify for LEED credit as a
regional material for most projects in California, Nevada
and Arizona. Our raw materials are extruded in Ontario, CA
and frames are manufactured in Anaheim, CA